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this is my brain on drugs!

So, yeah, lack of updates are mostly due to a visit to the doc who put me on a cocktail of psych meds. For the past two weeks I haven't even been sure what day it was, or time, everything's just sort of blurred together. It'd be alright if finals weren't around the corner, I've missed a lot of class due to the disorientation.

This weekend things seemed to be improving; the med's are basically fucking with my brain chemistry, so my sleep patterns and ability to focus have been comprimised pretty badly. But the side effects seemed to be lessening, but some nights, like tonight, it feels like they're back full force--can't sleep, can't sit still, can't focus, headaches, no appetite. I wish it would just make up its mind, as I can't afford to miss anymore class =/


Technology is scary; I swear this phone has more features than my laptop. -.-

Palinian Syntax

This is both hilarious and very, very depressing--and to think, she had access to a better education than most Americans.

So our prof promised us ages ago we'd get to tackle graphing (RK) sentences from both Palin and Obama sometime in the future. Today, we started with Palin. She gave us two sentences, and the first of them was actually quite easy compared to the other. The sentences were not changed or edited in the least; they were both taken verbatim from official sources.

Exhibit A: Where art thou "where"?

"It is very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspade of the United States of America, where--where do they go?"
- Sarah Palin

If that made absolutely no sense to you, take my word for it: it's a grammatical nightmare. The baseline is small and wimpy, yet has enough subordinate clauses/prepositional phrases hanging off of it to drown it. It's a bloody subordinate submarine of DOOM.

I'm pretty sure she intended for "even" to modify "consider" but the placement has it (gramatically) modifying "national" (or "national security" or "national security issues"). I should not have to guess which one of four a modifier is modifying, unless the author's a five-year-old (though their sentences tend to cut right to the point), much less that of someone running for leader of our country.

Consider the baseline, it's probably the simpliest, most straight-forward part of the entire blub: It | is \ important. Subject, verb, subject compliment. Very important, okay. What's very important? Well that's the question, isn't it. I'm still not entirely sure. The most frustrating part of this entire exercise was the mysterious "where" at the end: "...America, where--where do they go?" The bold "where" is being used adverbially (they do go, go where? exactly, okay). What's mystifing is that it's preceded by another "where" of an entirely different clause she never even finished. So we actually have no where to put tgat first "where"! Even our prof, who is a fucking genius at this, threw her hands up in frustration; hence the life-preserver.

: What Palin was not-so-obviously trying to say, it appears, is that when considering national security issues, it is very important to take tabs on Russians invading US airspace on Putin's command, or something of that sort. I think?

Exhibit B: I, families!

The next sentence we'll finish graphing on Thursday (we ran out of class time, it was that much of a monster), but you can see the headache it'll give me just by reading it:

"I know that John McCain will do that and I, as his vice president, families we are blessed with that vote of the American people and are elected to serve and are sworn in on January 20, that will be our top priority is to defend the American people."

- Sarah Palin

I swear to god, that's verbatim.

This is just the beginning. Also, all of that is guesswork, because really, the entire graph for this one is up for debate because it makes that little sense grammatically. Key things to notice:

  • Like the first example, the baseline of this sentence is extremely weak; having a weak baseline with so many prepositional phrases/subordinate clauses is like trying to squeeze an African elephant into a tiny, wooden canoe. You're going to sink the damn boat.
  • There is no verb to put on the baseline of the second clause ("...and I, as his V. P., families..." ??!?!!!)
  • "families" has absolutely no place on the graph, anywhere; cue another life-preserver
  • random indepent clause seems to have somehow embedded itself in the middle "we are ... Jan. 20"
  • "that will be our top priority is to defend", indeed
That's just off the top of my head after reading it over once. Headache, ow.


I gots a pretty futon! It was only $75, and while we were there, the lady gave us a kitchen table for free! :D Yay! And you're all invited to a mini-house-warming as soon as me and Dan have the TV/futon/food stuffed into the place (hopefully this weekend, or next!) to come eat pie and watch movies (on the squishy futon!) or watch me squash Dan on his Wii with Link and his mighty sword of DOOM.


this internet nonsense is way too bloody distracting; where the hell did my evening go?

spindly fingers and button eyes!

So, Coraline was fucking ace. It was also a lot scarier than I expected, even though it wasn't that dark (though apparently they've had kids run crying from the theatre at points, or so one of the ushers passed along). Then Dan had to go and ramble on about the book, on how and why the book was more terrifying (like, really?) than the movie. Apparently it's something I need to read (or at least add to the ever-expanding list).

It's kinda fun going to movies with no idea of the premise, only that it's going to be fucking swell, and nothing else.

Seriously, though--button eyes? No kids having watched that movie will ever be able to look at a button the same way. This could mean terrible things for the button industry.

Although, weird/dark/highly imaginative movies are always a worrisome experience for me, for as much as I love them, when I watch them right before I crash (or think about them so much that they're on the mind when I do), I have the weirdest fucking dreams. I wouldn't call them nightmares, per say; I don't thrash around or wake up in cold sweat, or anything. In fact, I just tend to tell most people I don't remember my dreams, because otherwise I would have to try and explain them, which I don't think I can do. Or even want to. They're not creepy in the creepy way (see? no sense!), or heart-stopping in any way (especially in the retelling), but they certainly aren't just--well, what I'd consider just a normal dream. I tried the 'write it down as soon as you wake up' thing, and I always end up staring at the paper thinking, how the hell do I put that into words? I could draw it, maybe, but I usually just write down several isolated adjectives, then resume the comatose state.

Maybe my mind sees shit in too much detail and gets carried away, or something. Whatever it is, I usually wake up with a headache afterwards and feeling though as I've hardly slept at all. Which sucks, because I have to work tomorrow :(




How fucking scary is this shit.

I CAN SEE YOUCollapse )

Rosie and I have decided that, in addition to our Scottish Castle, when I become the millionaire we both know I will be, we're also buying a satellite, because technology is way cool in the scariest fucking ways.

(no, the paper's still not done. hence the facebookage. and this post.)
One day I'll learn that taking the day off from class to finish a paper doesn't actually result in getting said paper done, but surfing the internet, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, running errands, and just about anything else I can find to do to put it off some more.

Good news is, we got the apartment. Dan put the deposit down about two hours ago. Now we just have to figure out how to come up with the thousand he "owes" his old apartment complex for being short three days notice. Fucking bollocks.

Btw, I just realised that, while awesome and spectacular, Stardust is a horribly depressing movie =/

Feb. 16th, 2009

So I just realised that I have a paper due Wednesday that normally would take at least three days of solid work to get finished. Apparently I'm so good at bullshitting and procrastination that I make my own brain forget I actually have responsibilities to take care of, however much I tend to put them off. S'a good thing I work well under pressure.

I'm gonna go watch Stardust until I pass out.


I am the fucking King of procrastination.